Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hino Horror

Born to Japanese immigrant parents living in China young Hideshi Hino fled the country to Japan at an early age. Hino grew up in post war Japan and has said that time has influenced him as an artist. If this is true things must have been tough for the poor kid. Children are the main focus of this manga artist; the protagonist usually faces lowliness and abuse and almost certainly some kind of mutation or death.

Killing off the main character who happens to be a child is pretty damn taboo here in the states, and add to that the fact that these comics were aimed towards young girls makes this series even more interesting.

Hino has a style all his own, somewhat reminiscent of so many other manga artist, but very different in detail and execution. For instance almost all his stories feature an obese child, drawn so exaggerated it’s almost a caricature. He’s also very detailed with the gore, skin infections, knife wounds, and intestines are all carefully drawn to perfection.

Cocoro Books have released fourteen volumes of Hideshi Hino’s work, titled the Hino Horror Collection. All are good reads but I would recommend The Bug Boy, The Collection, and Skin and Bone. You can find all fourteen volumes on Amazon marketplace for about two dollars a piece.


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