Monday, April 20, 2009

Original Fiction

I sent the call out for original lurid fiction to be posted on this site and very soon collected into a published journal. It’s been less than a week and I have received some really good entries, I’m getting everything ready right now and will hopefully be posting some of these pieces within a week.

The plan is to post a new piece every Friday, with a short prelude on Thursday. I have five shorts right now that fit my lurid criteria very well. Now I’m covered for the next five weeks but I need still need submissions.

If you have thought about sending something in, but haven’t, please do so now. As you’ll see the stories I’ve selected run the full gamut from funny to scary, the one common thread holding them together is what I would like to call the Lurid Factor. “What’s the Lurid Factor” you ask? A dash of sleaze, a pinch of gore, and a nice helping of exploitation.

If you have a story that matches those criteria, then by all means send it my way. I’ll personally answer every submission and I promise not to be a pompous ass about it either.

Before I sign off let me thank everyone who has sent me something. I know it takes guts to send out something for critique that you’ve spent hours perfecting, I applaud you all. Also if you haven’t heard from yet it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not interested. Give me time I’ll answer everyone personally.

Send all submissions here.


Paul Brazill said...

I hope to have something for you soon. Great site!

trash-reader said...

Looking forward to it Paul!

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