Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking for Lurid Reviewers

Looking for some help here. I'm looking for a few good people to help out with writing reviews. Not just for this site but for my other site as well. Information for the help request are below.

Looking for some one with a gift for writing what they feel. I believe books move people, either in a good way or bad. If you’re good at summarizing and critiquing what you read then you could the honor of joining the luridlit team. Perks include seeing your name on the bright lights of the computer screen, quick feedback from your adoring fans by way of blogger comments, and all kidding aside you’ll receive regular scheduled delivery of all sorts of reading material to review. You even get to keep it all when you’re done reviewing.

A word of caution, as the name clearly implies Lurid Lit is all about the literary equivalent to sleaze movies. You’ll be asked to review lots of graphic material. It might be horror books from a well known author one day, and the next a beat up paperback from the 70’s about motorcycle gangs. 

All right, everything written above pretty much goes for the reviewer position for ElectroSchlock as well, just replace books with movies. I’m looking for a kindred spirit, some one who is not afraid to be called a trash fiend. Visuals can pack a bigger punch than the written word, so please don’t apply if your at all sensitive to common themes frequently on display in Exploitation movies. Once again the only other payment besides exposure, is reviewing copies of movies. Once again the subject varies from horror, exploitation, sleaze, documentaries, and the just plain weird.

If either one of these writing positions seems like something you might be interested in then please follow the instructions below.

1. Send an email letting me know your interest to
2. In the email point to a review you have already written. This can be for a mainstream movie or a B-movie.
3. If you don’t have a link to send you can write a capsule review in the body of the email.
4. Please include your contact information for me to reply.

Not knowing sucks, that’s why I’ll personally let you know either way by email.

Thanks for your interest.


Mel Bosworth said...

This place is slick. I'm impressed. And I want in.

Adam Blomquist said...

Wow kudos on the site. I found you through Duotrope.

"Sleaze, Hardcore Horror, Bikers, Women in Prison, Juvenile Delinquency, Drugs, Blaxploitation, and Grind House Lit."

My dreams have come true!

Lisa Lane said...

My kind of people!

Tony Wards said...

Great site! I feel at home here!

JJP said...

This is kitten with a whip and knee high boots cool.

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