Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Comics (at least new to me)

Holy Sh*t: The Worlds Weirdest Comic Books

By Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury

Nice collection of bizarre comic book covers, from the 50’s all the way up until recent times. Most of what you’ll find in this book is un-Intentionally humorous, and as the title promises downright weird. Each comic has a two page spread featuring the cover and a little information on the comic itself. My only complaint is that they seem to have cropped all the cover artwork, most of the time the title logo of the comic book is missing. Other than that it’s a nice quick read, and makes for a great little coffee table book.

Dirty Stories vol.3

Various Artists

The book opens with a stand out piece of art by the always entertaining Daniel Clowes, which I would hope would be a sign of good things to come. What you get is a mixed bag of comic’s ranging from the amazingly creative to the bland end of the scale. The art is nice throughout with some of the spot illustrations being vividly shocking. Not all the stories are what I would call “dirty” though, strips by Mike White and H.G. Feekes are sexual in nature but not really dirty and some are more graphic than others. As a whole it’s still a good read and worth the cove price, available here.

Chamber of Mystery: Witchcraft vol.1

I’m a huge fan of pre-code horror and romance comics, over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection. I’m always on the lookout for quality reprints of these classic comics, and am somewhat surprised there are not more to be found. After all most of these comics are now in the public domain. A good quality reprint is exactly what you get with Olympian Publishing’s Witchcraft vol.1. Thirteen pre-code horror stories are reproduced nicely with vivid color and easy to read text. Although tame compared to some other horror comics of the era, the stories chosen are all great entertainment with beautiful golden age artwork. Definitely recommended.

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