Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Apologies

Well Friday came and went without any new fiction being posted, over the last couple of weeks I have received about a dozen story submissions that I haven’t read yet. There are people who wrote me close to two months ago and I haven’t written them back to tell them yes or no. I could give you a long list of excuses but I’ll just say that life got in the way. I’m posting this here now to let everybody know that I’m refocusing and recommitting myself to this site.

If you haven’t heard from me on a story you submitted it doesn’t mean I’m not interested. To the contrary there are stories I received weeks ago that I loved and just haven’t responded to the writer yet. I plan on writing everyone back this coming week.

As for things to come, I have a lot of content already written and have a huge pile of lurid material to still go through. Below you’ll find a just a taste of things to come.

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Mel Bosworth said...

Excellent post. Life does indeed happen. I have faith in Lurid Lit. Yes. Yes, I do.

Hang in there.

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