Monday, May 25, 2009

Young Lusty Sluts

Young Lusty Sluts: A Pictorial History of Erotic Pulp Fiction

Michael R. Goss

Almost picking up where Sin-A-Rama left off is Young Lusty Sluts. It begins with a short history of the adult paperback market with some short blurbs from some of the major players at the time. Earl Kemp is quoted and talks shit about other book publishers. The introduction chapter is short but very informative, after that we are treated to an impressive gallery of reproduced adult paperback covers.

The emphasis seems to be more on the hardcore titles from the mid sixties all the way to the early nineties. A lot of fetish titles are covered, as well as strange subject matter like satanic porn and bestiality. Every couple of pages an original book cover synopsis is featured.
Overall this book makes a nice companion piece to Sin-A-Rama, but is interesting enough to stand on its own.

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