Thursday, June 4, 2009

Out of the Gutter #5

Out of the Gutter #5: The Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction & Degenerate Literature

I’ve been reading this unique publication since issue one; it impresses me more with each consecutive issue. Issue #5 is the revenge issue; we get all kinds of stories in this one. The stories are divided up by read time starting with Flash fiction, then the 10 minute read, 15 to 20, and one 30 minute story. Mixed in here and there are comic strips, a crossword, and interesting facts.

From story one we are treated to some really good flash fiction, these stories may be short but they are very well executed. Things just get better as the length increases, in the 10 minute section the story “Just Look What the Bitch Made You Do” the perfect murder goes totally haywire and ends on a very bleak note. Then again that’s how most of these stories run, the hardest of the hardcore hardboiled. If you like your crime well written with large helpings of viscera and sleaze, definitely check this out.

Out of the Gutter retails for $12.95 + shipping and is available here.

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