Monday, August 3, 2009

The End?

When I first started this site over a year ago, I had no idea if it would have any kind of following or not. When squarespace shut me down and I moved to blogger a few months ago my traffic increased more than triple fold. I sent out a call for submissions for original lurid writing and was amazed at the response. Not everything I received was what I was looking for but overall most of you got what I was after.

Over the last few months I have been preparing the first print volume of what would hopefully be many of LuridLit. As many of you authors know I have been asking for more time to pay you for your stories. Every author who was to appear in the print journal has been more than patient and willing to work with me. For that you have my most sincere thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t see a time when this journal would be able to become a reality in the near future. My attorney has recommended I don’t go into detail about what’s going on but I will say the company I own has been named in a lawsuit. The allegations against me are false and laughable, but the way this great country of ours is set up anyone can file any kind of slanderous suite against you and despite everything you read the burden of proof is on the defendant. I’m confident I’ll come out on top of this but it’s going to cost me thousands of dollars in the process of clearing my name.

That brings us back to LuridLit. I don’t have the funds available to me to pay for all the wonderful pieces I’ve expressed interest in. Submissions are now closed and I don’t know when I will be able to open them again. It goes without saying that you all have my most sincere apologies.

For those who were paid and signed a contract agreeing not to publish your stories until it appeared in the print journal of LuridLit is released from your contracts. You have my blessings to shop your stories somewhere else.

I will be leaving this site up because what little fiction it featured is in my opinion, outstanding. Before I sign off I would like to thank a couple of people, namely Mel and Adam. You guys have been there from the beginning of my blogger site and have supplied me with great fiction and support. At times I thought I was blogging to just you two guys (although traffic statistics said different). Your both outstanding writers and really nice guys, Mr. Bosworth, Mr. Blomquist I salute you.



Adam Blomquist said...

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, thanks for the kind words and I sincerely hope everything works out alright.

Mel Bosworth said...

Damn, sir. That is some sad news, my friend. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, and I hope everything turns out well in the end. In my dealings with you, you've been a stand-up guy and straight shooter. Better times will come your way. I know it.

Don't be afraid to knock on my door. Thanks again for the kind words and the opportunity to be a part of Lurid Lit.

Best and always, Mel

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