Friday, February 17, 2012

Kindle Horror Reads

Sometimes I like my horror in small bites, that’s what the kindle is perfect for. Whether you’re looking for a nice size collection or a searing piece of flash fiction check out the reviews below.

Horror Carnival [Kindle Edition]
Edited By: Anthony Giangregorio
Publisher: Open Casket Press
Kindle Price: $9.99

Wow, just wow. It’s not often I enjoy just about every story contained in a collection, but that’s just what happened. Not such an easy feat considering they do this one a little different.

For instance some authors appear more than once in this collection, some of their stories back to back. A gutsy move editorially speaking because a reader might not particularly care for any given author, and flip the last page on their story just to find another. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t find myself flipping over one story because I didn’t like the prior.

What you get for your ten spot content wise is awesome variety. Zombies, Serial Killers, Ghost, and Creepy Weirdo’s in general make for a nice constant change of pace. Some stories like the first “Mad Hatter” are gore soaked gaggers, others, suspenseful, shocking, and down right scary.

The feeling I get while I look at this collection as a whole, is satisfied. I felt like every piece fit so well together it just simply works.

With so many choices on Amazon in this price range it can be hard to decide, but this should be an easy decision.

Snake Jaw [Kindle Edition]
Author: Andrew Gallacher
Publisher: LegumeMan Books
Kindle Price: .99

This was the first result when I did a search for “Hardcore Horror” at the kindle store on Amazon. All the reviews I read were generally positive, with a few minor complaints about length.

After reading Snake Jaw in one sitting, I have to say that a lot of those reviews reflected my thoughts as well, a well-executed debut just a little on the short side.

The story itself is about a crazed surgeon, a drug addicted mother and a cop out to stop all the madness. The prose is written in a straight forward but adequately descriptive way. It reads so fast it does leave you wanting more. That’s more of a criticism than a compliment as I feel more of the characters could have been fleshed out. Just a small complaint, with an otherwise excellent read.

Not only scenes but the story as a whole is being compared to the film “The Human Centipede.” That’s to be expected with the similar themes that run throughout the book one can’t help but to make a connection with a movie so new to the public.

As far as being a “Hardcore Horror” title, I would say it does deliver. Some of the scenes in the book are disturbing to say the least, but the author doesn’t spend an unneeded amount of time on the finer points of fecal smell.

The book contains several drawing by the author, they all fit well into the book and make for a nice bonus. Bottom line, I would recommend this to any LuridLit reader looking for a good “Body Horror” story.

Corpses Don't Bleed [Kindle Edition]
Author: Joseph Patchen
Publisher: Weird House eBooks
Kindle Price: $1.00

I’m always impressed by authors who can move me with so many few words. Our own contributor Joseph Patchen is one of those authors. From the start readers are sucker punched in the gut with visceral but intelligent prose. The story is so short not a lot can be said without giving too much away. You’ll just have to trust me on this one guys, this is a great read, and a dollar you won’t be sad to part with.

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