Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confession Magazines

A close sister to the “True Crime” magazine is the “Confession” magazine. What started in 1922 as a female version of the Men’s Adventure Magazine soon became a clearing house for lurid supposedly true stories of date rape, female trafficking, promiscuous sex, wife swapping, and more. 

Racy Cover Copy was the main selling point
for these publications
Just like the adult paperbacks of the time, lurid details
were promised, but never really delivered.
Reaching its height of filthy headlines in the seventies, some of the cover models started to appear in rather provocative dress. You would think this was to catch the eye of the Average Joe checking out adult titles at the newsstands.  But it was the female crowd who bought the lion’s share of these issues. A reader’s poll done by True Confessions Magazine found that the majority of their readers were wedded housewives with children.

The headlines on both of these covers are sexy as the
Cover Models
Rape was often a plot device used in the stories
featured in Confession Magazines
Confession magazines are still published today, although the majority of them contain nothing more than young adult romance stories there are still a few that are worth checking out. 

A perfect example of what the modern day Confession
Magazine has turned into, Romantic Fluff

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