Friday, March 23, 2012

Partners in Slime

Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC
eBook ISBN: 9781615723492

When I was a teen I set out to write a short story, I thought I could use a little assistance so I enlisted the help of a best friend, Aaron. We had about 16 separate arguments about everything from the title of the story to the names of characters. We never got past page one.

Authors Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin are both talented writers, and have the unique ability to collaborate with each other to bring about great stories. I have read both of the authors separate works and although they are both very different in style and execution it’s really hard to tell where one author stops and the next begin. They just gel so well, to bring together a really fun story.

The stories contained in this volume vary widely in subject and tone. A bug boy, Caligula as an infant, flesh eating mites, and clown porn are all found in the collaborations between the two Mc’s. If you haven’t already figured it out this is horror with tongue firmly implanted into cheek.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as the two writers collaborate with zombie film starlets Kyra M. Schon and Linnea Quigley.  Once again it’s hard to tell who wrote what, but these two special zombie lady collaborations are really good and fit nicely into the collection.

After that were treated to two solo novellas from both of the authors, Giant Cockroaches from Outer Space by Michael McCarty is a hell of a fun time. Taking an EC Horror comic premises and turning it on its head with a stoner fun going prose. Mark McLaughlin’s solo effort is just as entertaining as a faux documentary of sorts wherein he McLaughlin presents information on his fictional distant relative Alphonse Sweetwater-DuBois. This information is presented in a totally serious way that just adds to the hilariousness of the piece.

Equal parts horror and wit, this collection is a fun read. It’s about the right size for the asking price and is a great introduction to both authors as collaborators as well as soloist.

Partners in Slime is available from Damnation Books, and can be purchased here.

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