Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: American Idol, By S.C. Hayden

American Idol

Three friends sitting at the bar one night have a whimsical conversation about God, and religion in general. These three friends are more than a little buzzed this night but one of them manages to come away with an Idea worth billions.

American Idol is a novel about three friends that have the balls to bring back Idolatry as a major world religion. As you might have guessed this doesn’t sit well with all the other worlds’ religious leaders and followers, and acts as a catalyst that teeters the globe on World War III.

To say author S.C. Hayden takes a jab at religion is an understatement,  perhaps more accurately put he gets a 300 pound lumberjack to take a swing with his ax towards the notion of deity worship as a whole, something most all major religions all have in common.

Believe me this isn’t a twenty something agnostic punk rocker spouting the wrongs of organized religion on facebook, but rather a very well thought out, intelligent, and above all witty story. That not only slaughters sacred cows but erects golden calves in its place.

Written in a tight but easy going pace Hayden manages to pack sex and violence into a hilarious thought provoking story and is what I call Lurid Lit at its blasphemous best.

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S.C. said...

Wow. What a flattering review. I especially like "That not only slaughters sacred cows but erects golden calves in its place."
Unfortunately, sales have have been dismal. Hopefully someone out there on the interwebz will read this and pony up.

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