Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review: Hard Bite And Other Short Stories by Anonymous-9, Kindle Edition.

Welcome to the poster child for the old adage that ‘you cannot judge a book by its cover’. When I first laid my eyes on this piece, casually leafing through without any substantive reading, a cavalcade of all those naughty, witty denouncements tumbled around in my mind. I was resigned that I would be reading yet another yawner – stories based on gimmicky concepts, laden with trash talk and laced up in razor wire.

Then I read. And I read. And I read.

How refreshing.

In this day and age of theme gagging publications, of overly romanticized bloodletting, of copycat plots and copycat pseudo plots, here is something entirely original---entirely primal and raw. I haven’t felt this charged up since I was a kid discovering one of those hundred pound ‘portable’ victrolas and a pile of my parents’ 45s.

Ever wonder why children stuff tinker toys in their ears? It’s a last ditch attempt to block out one more chorus of “Naughty Marietta”, swooning crooners, sophomoric ballads and repetitious doo-wops.
I was ready to do myself in. The problem was I was so young and naïve that I already thought I had passed away. Then I found a yellow label and heard ‘You shake my nerves and you rattle my brains’.

I knew I was alive.

For a writer, sound and cadence are as important as content. The vast majority of writers cannot blend the two and most readers and editors don’t seem to mind. But Anonymous-9’s crisp dictation and originality prove it can be done. Her form and style could be the standard bearer for quality that other writers should aspire to achieve. The writing itself breathes life into her narrator and characters. This easy style elevates her work into a thin herd of those you should keep in your library.

In these pages, the implausible becomes probable and the ride is electric. Come one and come all and see a monkey as a weapon, a cat as a fixer, an interestingly tasty last supper and one heck of an orgasm, - just to name a few. I will not give away the plotlines. You should venture the dark yourself, and enjoy the ride firsthand.

These stories are short, ‘hard bites’ for sure, with just enough verbiage and texture, perfectly chosen to convey style, action and mood. There is a lot here that is new. Every writer and editor should cleanse their palate with these dark tales before contemplating another margin and spacing plod.

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Paul D Brazill said...

Spot on! A cracking collection.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Anonymous 9 is an absolutely amazing writer. Her stories are like incisions with a scapel- direct, precise, and the scarring reminds you of them later. One of the best.

Al Tucher said...

Couldn't agree more! Each of these stories hits hard, and each in its own way.

nigel p bird said...

Absolutely. Well said. I'll be adding this site to my Pinterest page soon as I'm done. Go forth.

Anonymous-9 said...

A big thank you to Joseph and Chris for finding my little e-book and publishing this review. I'm absolutely knocked out by the response. Thank you so much.

Glenn Gray said...

Agreed. A-9 is an absolute original. Every story in this collection is a gem. Looking forward to her first novel!

King Tubbo said...

Thanks for this informative review. I have read some of Anonymous-9's writings and I too have appreciated the refreshing lack of cliches, the well crafted phrase, the absurd becoming the everday/ordinary and visa versa. I've enjoyed the wild ride and am motivated to read even more from A-9. Soon. Such as right now.

Mar Preston said...

I had the same reaction to these stories on discovery. Wow! What's this? I almost put the book down once or twice because a story was too unsettling, but the artistry in putting them together was too fresh and I wanted to admire the construction. This was something new.

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