Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: The End of Days, by Douglas Lindsay, Blasted Heath, 2011, Kindle Edition.

One of the greatest gifts a writer can bestow his reader is humor. Making someone laugh is the most difficult thing to do. You have all heard, the paraphrasing of a great man who once said, ‘drama is easy, comedy is hard’. Believe me it is. And this very fact is why “The End of Days” is a superior read.

The whole plot is a running gag, made up of jokes, made up of bits all rolled into one delicious roll of laughter; without a single clunker in the bunch. This is a symphony of humor and parody that both has timing and sting. My friends, this style is hard to pull off and Mr. Lindsay makes it look easy.

Come and attend the tale of the English government, under the Labour Party, in free fall; meanwhile, a serial killer is only targeting MPs, and a rather dense Prime Minister’s only response to his troubles and the troubles of his once great nation is to invade the east coast of the United States. But fear not, dear reader, while it appears civilization is certainly doomed, to our rescue comes a barber --- yes a Scottish barber in fact, Barney Thompson.

Barney, as some of you are aware, is the stock hero for other Douglas Lindsay vehicles. Mr. Thompson, the only rational brain in a world gone mad, always saves the day. And while we know that going in, it is the rat-tat-tat of humor that makes it all right.

This tale is part Peter Seller’s “The Mouse That Roared” and “Dr. Strangelove”; and part “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”’ and part “Masterpiece Theater” without ever borrowing from any.

If your style of comedy is black and dry this is for you.

With all the horror and terror hanging over each of us in the world today; I highly recommend you buy this volume and make your sides hurt some. It will do you and the world good.

Buy it.

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