Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Review: "Blood Related" by William Cook, Angelic Knight Press, 2011, Smashwords and Kindle Editions.

Besides health, there is nothing more important, nothing more grounding, nothing more comforting than family. Blood is thicker than water. Who knows you and can protect you better than family? Family is the focal point of every culture. Family is what drives people to work harder, to be a better person or, yes, to go crazy. Blah, blah, blah…

Come to Portvale, a not so typical town. Come and meet the Cunningham clan, where twins Charlie and Caleb continue in the family’s well practiced and perfected cottage industry --- serial killing. Next, meet Detective Ray Truman, the man who has been trying to stop the mayhem and is likewise continuing in the footsteps of his kin.

This is a classic crime story of the hunter and the hunted. Drawn, at times, as a darker version of the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud, the story has been researched well enough to make the fiction look like fact. The issue of nature versus nurture is but a single twisted, fraying thread. The pace is breathless. Stylistically, the use of psychological narratives, flash backs and newspaper clippings is novel enough to keep the reader eager to read further.

Although the book is well written with rich and vibrant characters, entertaining and deeply rooted in fact, to my mind it still lacks something. And that, in itself, is the thorn in my paw.

This feeling may be unique to me because of what I see as an already huge and ever growing library of the cut and slash genre: volumes upon volumes of hacks and slashes; a few that genuinely weigh the issues of why, but most simply rely on stock piling gore. Indeed, this book does rise above that morass of blood and guts, but from the perspective of someone who has spent hours across the table from individuals who could very well be the character studies for any number of these books, I feel somewhat disappointed. There is nothing new here - just a good and novel way to tell a long and worn tale. As matter of fact, it is reminiscent of the 1980’s Stuart Woods novel enitled “Chiefs”.

Buy the book if you love the genre as it will not disappoint you. But if you expect a twist or want to find something fresher than a dead body, don’t spend your dime and time.

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