Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Review: “We Are The Hanged Man” by Douglas Lindsay, Blasted Heath, 2012, Kindle Edition.

Works out of the Blasted Heath portfolio are always impressive. This upstart publishing house is fast becoming known for promoting the original and the raw. As we are all aware I have reviewed a Douglas Lindsay book from Blasted Heath before and I have reviewed Blasted Heath books by other authors before. All true. But before we go any further, let me say, as I wag my Clinton index finger in a shame on you for accusing me the heck with the truth way; As a writer myself, I do not have any works pending with this publisher nor do I plan to. And unlike Hillary’s husband I am telling the truth.

I write horror; Blasted Heath publishes mysteries and hard boiled crime. I couldn’t successfully plot the heist of a 7-11 at four in the morning; but I can disembowel a body, chop it up, resurrect the corpse and torment a group of teenagers at a summer camp on a Friday night with good humor and flair. Hey, we all have our talents.

In its young incarnation Blasted Heath has begun assembling an exceptional round table of writers, and I would argue sitting near the head of that table, if not the head itself is Douglas Lindsay whose yarns never disappoint. As with other Lindsay endeavors, “We Are The Hanged Man”, takes a number of disparate plot threads placing them in the hands of unusual characters and tells them to run around the room with sharp scissors and needles until all threads are woven together into an intricate and complex tapestry on the edge of your seat suspense couched in real world humor and angst.

In ‘We Are The Hanged Man’ DCI Jericho’s present assignment is to be a contestant on a reality television show. Jericho who was attempting to seek quiet contemplation following a stellar career plopped into the toilet finds himself amongst the empty headed and shallow. For good measure he will also soon be re-acquainted with a newly released serial killer he jailed some thirty years before.

While the subjects themselves almost seem stock or even camp, such as a television producer who obstructs the investigation in the name of ratings and the Tarot cards Jericho receives in the mail, there is never anything canned here. These mundane and tried concepts and characters are given a fresh treatment. Just when you think you have it figured out, the story turns and truly there is never anything you have quite seen before because of the Lindsay twist.

Such as the ending. Believe me you don’t see this ending coming.

The originality and the talent to turn a phrase makes a Douglas Lindsay book something to look forward to and to savor with each word. While other mystery writers cloak themselves in the aura of the genre, Douglas Lindsay and Blasted Heath come straight at you without the BS and pave the way for original storylines and engaging characters thus making for crisp and rich entertainment.

Buy this book.


Elaine Ash said...

I love Doug Lindsay's wry, offbeat humor and it's great to see him get a good review. Patchen hits the nail on the head again.

JosephPatchen said...

Why thank you.

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