Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book Review: “The Dark Ones” by Bryan Smith, Deadite Press, 2011, 297 pages.

I present this week's review, originally scheduled for Halloween, a little early thanks to Hurricance Sandy who may take away my electric and wifi for a time.

So grab a snack size candy bar, or two or three; what the heck take five they are tiny and without further delay thanks to Bryan Smith I present his novel "The Dark Ones".

If you can recall my prior review of Bryan Smith’s “Rock And Roll Reform School Zombies”, you know that I enjoyed the roller coaster rollick, based on an old ho-hum plot that this author made even better. And when I say ‘better’: I mean he rocked it. In “The Dark Ones” lightning strikes twice.

So step right up ladies and gentlemen and come on board. At all times please keep your heads and your hands inside the book so you can safely turn the pages and peruse the prose because this is going to be one wild ride.

The title refers to a group of Goths – outcasts, freaks – who like any other self-contained group finds solace in its own interests. But like most every group dabbling in the occult, they soon learn that maybe they should have joined the chess club instead.

These kids unwittingly give a Demon a human body, which it uses to terrorize, in the most extreme ways, the burb that they live in.

If you like sex, mayhem, snappy, realistic dialogue and violent gore (and who doesn’t) then you will enjoy this romp without ever wanting to ‘get off’ or maybe...

Bryan Smith’s dialogue and characters jump off the page. They are more real than most contemporary novelists’ fictional characters. How many times have I had to tread through obvious words coming from the mouths of stereotypical characters taking the same, ever predictable actions? Mr. Smith doesn’t travel that road. This story feels authentic, you experience every turn and dive with the characters so that at the end of the run, you are emotionally drained. As with my prior review of “Rock and Roll … Zombies”, I like what I read.

Buy this book.


Anonymous-9 said...

Good analysis, Joseph. Thanks!

JosephPatchen said...

You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

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