Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Review: “Circus of the Dead” by Seth Blackburn, 2011, Kindle Edition.

With December 21st fast approaching and the inevitable end of the world at hand, it is only fitting that we glimpse into the world ahead. Oh, I know the earth is going to swivel off its axis, the North and South Poles will swap and we will tumble helplessly toward certain incineration.

I know. I’m prepared for the trip. While many of you are wasting your time with Christmas and Hanukkah shopping, I have stocked up on marshmallows and weenies. I have combed my yard for the straightest and sturdiest sticks with which to roast. I have sun tan oil and the most tasteful speedo that will show just enough cheek without causing a major public disturbance.

Yes, the end is at hand, so it is only fitting that we review a post-apocalyptic tale, just in case we are not burned up. Keeping hope alive is a one-shot, short story titled “Circus of the Dead” that takes us past the cataclysm to a world left barren following the zombie apocalypse. Yeah, this is an after, after story. But its fiction and we all know there won’t be any zombies. We’ll be Kentucky fried in a few days, so bear with me and suspend your disbelief.

“Circus of the Dead” brings us to a time far beyond the apocalypse: a time when civilization has returned to something resembling the primitive old west. Life has devolved to a pastoral, mundane pace, when the circus comes to town. The Church Elder voice decries this carnival and life gets a bit, well, footloose…horizontally.

The story is well written, though a bit crass. “Circus of the Dead” is a quick read and a different bent for all you hardcore apocalyptic groupies.

Buy this book – if you’re still alive.

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