Monday, December 24, 2012

Book Review: Santa’s Christmas Eve Blues, by Douglas Lindsay, Blasted Heath under their Blasted Shorts banner, 2012, Kindle Edition.

I wanted to go with something lighter, something more ‘Christmassy’ this Holiday season and this short book fills the stocking nicely.

This is a tale of how Christmas may never come again. After all, Santa is exhausted. Santa has had it. Santa just hates it. The jolly old elf has become an industry: a multi-layered, vertically and horizontally integrated, multi-national mega-corporation. And so disgusted is he that St. Nick will only answer his corporate handlers with a six string blues tune. Very different than that jovial Sundblom Santa of yore.

And this not Bedford Falls: people are plain nasty, adults act like petulant children, growing snottier each year. Yeah, Santa has had it and who can blame him. Even Mrs. Claus – and by the way, they are separated – has had enough and will only speak to her husband if sufficiently bribed.

This is a wintery tale, richly woven with familiar Christmas images and icons, then satirically laced with the tired disgust that undermines the season. Yeah, it all sucks – the holidays that is.

But not this book. The storytelling is crisp, the writing is taught with that Lindsay-esque humor that never lays an egg. And yes, this biting, satirical look at Christmas does have a happy ending. But, the finale is neither a bow to political correctness, nor is it the least bit sappy. It is an ending that, in itself, carries the message of what is truly important. For a great gift this year, open up a new classic ‘Santa’s Christmas Eve Blues’.

Buy this book.

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