Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review: The Devil Doesn’t Want Me, by Eric Beetner, Dutton Guilt Edge Mystery, 2012, 258 pages, Kindle Edition.

Author of the marvelously titled “A Bouquet of Bullets”, Eric Beetner plunges us in a harried ride to the coast with a conflicted and worn hit man and the innocent he’s protecting. Read this and you find yourself knee deep in a tightly woven web that shocks with static electricity at touch.

Oh do you feel the pain, weariness and disgust of the anti-hero Lars. You feel it so much the book gets heavy in your hands but you dare not put it down because just when you think you have things figured out – you don’t.

And then there is another jolt.

Mr. Beetner’s writing is crisp and tightly parceled out in addictive short sparks. The staccato is as hardboiled as a well-tuned tommy and I love it. The prose as a whole are a musical celebration of noir that never stales as the ‘smoke and sweat’ described; that never seems to be a mere description. The images slogged from your eyes to your brain stink and feel as slimy as their real world counterparts.

Our dear friend Anonymous-9 turned me on to this writer. To her, you and I owe a debt of gratitude.

I’m ready to read more from Eric Beetner and you should too after you have bought this book.

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Anonymous-9 said...

Let the record show: Joseph Patchen is the Bard of Noir Reviews. Nobody is as poetic, as imaginative as Joe when it comes to writing a review that captures the essence of a writer's work. He is the writer's reviewer and my absolute favorite on the scene. THANK YOU, Joe. You've done Eric's work proud. (Your also right about Bouquet of Bullets being a great title.)
author of HARD BITE

JosephPatchen said...

Thank you again for the kind words. I only report 'em as I see em'. Reading Eric's book and his overall use of language is an experience of immersion into the world he has created rather than something you scan with your eyes and leave behind for breaks and interruptions. Thank you for the heads up.

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