Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Review: “Red Sky” by Nate Southard, Deadite Press, 2012, 214 Pages, Kindle Edition.

This book crackles from the start; not only do we have a marvelous cover illustration by Alan Clark, but our story opens in the middle of a bank robbery going awry.

As the bullets fly Mr. Southard’s style dishes out pellets of excitement light years from the standard New York Times celebrated formula thriller. Our author this week has the rare ability to intelligently suck you in to the tale so much that you believe you are an eye-witness; first on the floor of the bank building up to the shootings, and then on the back seat’s floor of the get-away car.

And in addition to this developing tight and fascinating crime story the author leads us and his band of criminals out of town, into a horror of carnivorous monsters that are neither cliché nor disappointing. This ultimately becomes a story of the food chain played out in shorts shots and bites.

“Red Sky” is action on all fronts; the right dose of blood and violence; and a lot of entertainment.
I was three quarters of the way through this book before I realized it: that is how good this is.

Buy beyond all the running, shooting and flashy stuff; these characters are not one dimensional but sewn whole with venom and vigor; most of whom are truly not sympathetic at all, but are certainly flesh and blood and recognizable. So too are Mr. Southard’s monsters as they are cunning and salivating, and not mindless extras.

For book that stirs two of our favorite themes: crime and horror together, I highly recommend you BUY THIS BOOK.

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