Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Night of the Scream Queen: Kiss of the Gator-Guy, Michael McCarty & Linnea Quigley

A year ago I asked my partner in literary crime do a review essay on the literary equivalent to the B-Movie. It was pretty hit or miss, you can read it here. I started Lurid Lit to find, review, and publish such works. You would think as many people trying to write these kinds of homages that there would be more successes than failures. Unfortunately that's just not the case. I'll go as far as to say it's actually quite rare when someone really nails it.

Well I can finally say someone one actually has. That someone is actually two people, Author Michael McCarty and scream queen legend Linnea Quigley. Coauthors of the wildly appropriately titled book "Night of the Scream Queen: Kiss of the Gator-Guy".

The story itself could have easily been a real Corman production. Veteran Scream Queen Desiree Star, moves from one low budget production to the next with the demands of her roles getting more dangerous as her wardrobe shrinks with each picture. Private Martin Riley a simple minded grunt is recruited by the government sponsored mad scientist Dr. Morrie Madden for the dangerous "Operation Reptilian". Things go array right on queue and a B-Movie schlockfest unfolds in the Devil Bayou swamplands!

I have reviewed a coauthored book by Michael McCarty before here. I then wrote it was hard to tell where one author left off and the next began, they just gelled so well. Although Mcarty and Quigley also work great as a writing team it’s a little more evident where Quigley's voice is heard. A lot of insight to the world of B-movie cinema is given through the eyes of our main character Desiree Starr. One can't help but wonder if these are fictional accounts or true memories from screen legend Quigley. The beginning of each chapter has a page from the fictional bio of Desiree Starr. Some of the things written here could absolutely be said of Ms. Quigley.

For 160 pages this book reads incredibly fast, it does so because it's so damn entertaining. I devoured every page of this book in one sitting. As a huge fan of B-Movies and the legendary queen of scream Linnea Quigley I have to say this is a wonderful treat. This is what Lurid-Lit is all about, and I can't recommend this enough!

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