Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review: “Header” by Edward Lee, Deadite Press, 2012, 74 Pages, Kindle Edition.

My history is such that I have never been a huge fan of Edward Lee. And while we have never met, if he has read anything I have written, he may not be a fan of mine. Okay. Our approaches to horror are different but that doesn’t make one good and another bad. But for me to avoid this book for review would be bad and unfair to all of you.

This Kindle edition contains a preface by Jack Ketchum and an afterword by the author detailing the making of this novella into a film and the ‘Inside Baseball’ moments from these two popular authors is a neat touch. By the way if you haven’t seen the DVD: they play State Troopers.

As with much of Mr. Lee’s storytelling, expect the gory and over-the-top; all by design. If you thought ‘Deliverance’ was disturbing, the bar has been moved and moved so much it leaves the backwoods entirely.

All I can say is I will never look at a power drill quite in the same way.

Once you compartmentalize the saturation of gore, vivid bizarre sex and, at times, the worn out redneck stuff you actually find a compelling story of revenge gone mad and the attempt to stop it.

The writing is lively and not forced and the intertwining of language and plot not at all stilted; something of which I have felt this author to be guilty of in other works. The pages fly by in deep and rich images of depravity that at times are laced in humor.

This is a hard piece for anyone to write and Edward Lee pulls it off with a swagger punctuating the action on all counts.

It is creative and lurid and I highly recommend you BUY THIS BOOK.


Anonymous-9 said...

Hey Joe, it's wonderful to see you in action, reviewing like crazy and writing cogent, insightful reviews. You da best, Joe!

JosephPatchen said...

Many thanks. Keep in touch.

Jeremy Maddux said...

Never read Header, but saw the movie. At the time it was released, they were hyping it as the 'next big thing' in horror, but any time someone hypes something like that, it doesn't quite work out. The next big thing isn't something you can predict.

Have you read the Bighead, Joseph? Heard that's been adapted for the screen and has already been screened at some horror festivals and conventions.

JosephPatchen said...

Haven't read Bighead but my curiosity is tingled.

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