Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Review: “Rusty Nails, Broken Glass” by S. C. Hayden, Black Bed Sheet, 2013, 210 pages.


I love anthologies. I read them. I write for them. I collect them. They remind me of those old Whitman candy samplers --- something special with every bite. So I jumped at the chance to gander Mr. Hayden’s latest endeavor.
To say “Rusty Nails, Broken Glass” is tasty is obvious. To say “Rusty Nails, Broken Glass” is a naughty indulgence isn’t giving it the credit it deserves.
Creatively speaking this book is marvelous; it is rich and refreshing and decadent. Written wryly and masterfully Mr. Hayden’s twenty one short literary journeys will take you to the gamut: horror, laughter, sarcasm, and of course happy and sad.

But I also must say I felt a twinge of envy. My God I wish I could have come up with these plots; but then again I couldn’t even if I could possess the brain power to think this stuff up; I couldn’t have done the justice that Mr. Hayden has done.
I don’t want to give anything away, I want you the reader to open this package and savor every morsel. But understand that whether you travel to the ‘Cemetery’ or ‘Kansas’ or find ‘The Box’ or ‘The Face’; know that while ‘She’s My Everything’ you can take ‘The Hand of the Devil’ and find yourself with one the most original, well written and certainly must reads of 2013.
Grab it. You won’t get cut or need a shot to avoid lockjaw. This is a keeper. Buy this book.
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Jeremy Maddux said...

Joseph, I loved your allusion to Whitman's Candy samplers with horror anthologies. I know of a few anthologies currently open to submissions! You already know of some of them!

JosephPatchen said...

My attraction to anthology is the sampling of the writer. My office is full of anthologies -- I just can't get enough of them. As a writer, I am happiest when in one. Thank you for the kind words.

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