Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Review: “Kitten” by G. Arthur Brown, Eraserhead Press, 2012, Kindle Edition.

This book is one of the publisher’s new Bizarro author series. While Eraserhead Press has been at the epicenter of the Bizarro literary movement since 1999, the style has origins much older. It is this boutique uniqueness from this publisher’s embrace of such stylized storytelling that is nothing short of marvelous.

In “Kitten”, Kitten may not be a real kitten but a stamp puking squirrel. Mom is a real mom but there is a question of whether she loves her son more than her pills. And the alliteration of “P” together with a baby, well that is why diapers were invented.

I was never a fan of diaper changing.

But I am a fan of this book.

Several critics have recently written that the difference between Bizarro and main stream literature is that with Bizarro you simply salt the surreal with the real. Yeah sure, and I am a moose in search of a squirrel or an envelope in search of a stamp.

The story here is interestingly complex and so are the characters, yet written with an ease and simplicity that borders on the masterful. Each scene of this book can stand alone as its own short tale and together they are meld into the memorable slim volume that is energetic and intelligent.

I don’t read much Bizarro after all I work part time for the State and deal a lot with the public, so on a day to day basis – Bizarro or bizarro, yeah, I’m good. But if this is what is in store for this series, sign me up.

Buy this book.


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