Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Review: “I’ll Be Damned” by Shane Ryan Staley, 2001, Delirium Books, 206 Pages.

This collection of the author’s own short stories is seeing somewhat of a revival since the original publication. Just don’t let the date fool you because nothing here is ‘stale’. The Staley formula is as fresh and I mean ‘fresh’ as ever. In fact one might even say Mr. Staley’s style back at the turn of the century was a little ahead of its time.

In this age of new, new and new it is nice to reach back and view the road once traveled. The ballsy originality of these thirty tales, in one slim volume, is tied to the author’s marvelous work at Eraserhead Press which, as we have seen, has become the center of the Bizarro universe.

Taught with unique and original locales and plots, as well as intelligence, Mr. Staley takes us on a marvelous, albeit weird journey, written in a style that immediately places the reader in the middle of the action.

Fast paced and drenched in wry humor the reader, as front and center voyeur, will undoubtedly savor these tales and read them again and again. One warning though, the stories you are about to read are ‘R’ rated which makes this collection all the better to read.

Buy this book and while I promise you will not be damned, you will wish you were.

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