Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Podcast Review: “Blackout City”, “Surreal Grotesque”, “Drabblecast”, “Creepshow Radio”.

I was once told I had a voice for radio; that and the face for it too. Okay, to be honest I agree. I’m no George Clooney, I don’t even look as good as Rosemary Clooney and she’s dead. But I have always had a soft spot for radio; I can remember my childhood, hiding under the covers late into the night, with my trusty transistor radio in my left hand and in my right… wait, sorry, too much information.

Anyway, it has always been a dream of mine; like The Ramones, ‘to want the airwaves’. This week we tackle podcasts; that other medium, a related medium, the radio of our present-future, and the kind of medium writers are flocking to. As creators, we all believe our work can transcend the printed page or printed screen and if your writing can’t quite make it to the theater or even television, yes that television infested with those horror filled ‘wives shows’, then why not a Podcast, the next best thing?

As with e-zines, the net is littered with the living and the dead; today, in no particular order we tackle representative samples of both the living and the lively:

BLACKOUT CITY PODCAST: The brain child of Mark Slade and Frank Larnerd. Here is the continuing story of Joe Smoke a private detective whose identity and memory are lost in the alternative reality of the 1960s. This is episodic noir drama harkening the hard ‘boiledness’ of the 1930s and 1940s bundled in science fiction and horror reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s.

 The stories are strange, action packed and solid, read by a narrator straight out of central casting in a style befitting James Cain and Raymond Chandler. This is old-time radio fresh for today. The episodes are guest written with a solid story line and characters rich and addictive. If you are attracted to drug dealing, robots, snitches, guns, murder and hot women --- yeah the BLACKOUT CITY PODCAST has it all, I highly recommend it.

CREEPSHOW RADIO: A marvelous blend of reviews and discussion of what is a new and dare I say, ‘hip’ in film, video and games. Broadcast five nights a week join the discussion, listen to the interviews and delve into the introspection. The production is informal, inviting and professional; as a listener I feel as though I am part of the panel. Please check this out.
DRABBLECAST: Sub-titled “Strange stories, by Strange Authors, for Strange Listeners’, this award-winning podcast is brought to you by Norm Sherman. Here award-winning writers have their award-winning stories read. The production is slick and ‘NPRish’.

I’m not casting aspersions and saying this is bad, but if you are looking for edgier tales this isn’t quite the venue.

DRABBLECAST offers a safer, more main-stream and milder, ‘artistic’ or 'literary' set of stories; sort of a ‘New Yorker’ or establishment offering; but certainly something not to be missed.

But if you do want edgy and you do want raw; and you want to support the upcoming and the independent, there is…

THE OFFICIAL SURREAL GROTESQUE PODCAST: This is the weekly companion to the ground breaking magazine with hosts Daniel William Gonzales (editor and founder) and Jeremy Maddux (associate editor). You will meet today’s writers, established and new, in the fields of horror, science fiction, bizarro and weird fiction. Hear their stories directly, as they read them to you and hear them interviewed on their creative process. The discussion is frank, entertaining and insightful.

This too is not to be missed.


mark slade said...

thanks for the review of Blackout City, Joseph!

Christopher Linebaugh said...

Great write up Joe. Definitely checking all these out. So what do you think of a Lurid-Lit pod cast? I've toyed with idea for awhile even going as far as buying the necessary gear.

I also have been told I have a "Voice for Radio" as well. We could co-host, let me know what you think.

JosephPatchen said...

A Lurid-lit podcast ---- yeah I like that. I like that a lot.

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