Monday, July 22, 2013

100th Post

This post marks a special milestone of sorts, it’s our 100th post. When I started Lurid-Lit over 4 years ago I never knew it would hit the 100th post mark. Over the years a lot has changed. For me personally I’ve been through a difficult divorce, moved 500 miles from where I lived my whole life, and experienced a lot of sorrow and as well as good times.

For those readers who have been with us from the beginning probably have some idea of the chaos I’ve had in my life. Often times the activity on Lurid-Lit would coincide with my real life problems and joys. The site has changed domain names, been on an indefinite hiatus, and has lost traffic because of it.

Something really great happen about a year and a half ago though, I had someone who contacted me about helping with reviews and other site content. It was a welcomed invitation. I knew Lurid-Lit still had a following, and more so a purpose that was still needed to fill a void on the internet.

This contributor is Joseph Patchen, someone who turned out to be the saving grace of Lurid-Lit.  Many of you know him as the guy “who runs Lurid-Lit.” That’s not really too far off the mark. Joseph has kept a solid post publishing schedule featuring great reviews, news, and poignant views.

He helps me find stuff to review and makes suggestions for new content. He’s been an invaluable source to this site. He also happens to be a great writer who can spin a lurid tale himself!

I’ve made so many friends and met so many more friendly people in the business of writing these great works we call Lurid-Lit. I’m happy were still here and am looking forward to another 100 post.

Thanks for everyone who has stumbled onto this site, who have stop to read a bit, and who have contributed in the way of original fiction. We couldn’t have done it without you.

-Trash Reader
(Christopher Linebaugh)

Milestones are important as they set the bar for accomplishment and Lord knows we as readers, writers and reviewers have accomplished a lot in these 100 posts.

I cannot thank Christopher enough for the opportunity he has given me to spew my reactions to the marvelous, and some not so marvelous works, that cross my desk. I thank him for putting up with my OCD and I thank him for allowing me to bring in works that I stumble on and believe are worth mention.

But it is you the reader who deserves the greatest thanks. Obviously without you I am reduced to my former status as someone who just writes opinions and rants between my visits to the outhouse. I am delighted we get a chance to share and celebrate the good, bad and the ugly of lurid literature.

In the posts to follow we will bring you more reviews, more articles and something we are very excited about --- more original fiction. We have attracted some wonderful submissions from phenomenal talents and cannot wait to share them with you.

Be well, be happy and be lurid.

Joseph J. Patchen


mark slade said...

its a great site, hope it never goes away

JosephPatchen said...

Thanks Mark.

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