Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BONUS Book Review: “Through A Shattered Lens, I Saw” by L. A. Sykes, Thunderune Publishing, 2012, Kindle Edition.

Hey kids here’s a second review. Why a second review. Well two reasons:

1. After speaking with the author L. A. Sykes, it certainly sounded like a good idea because;

2. You see the makings of the novel we just reviewed here.

And in fact we meet Detective Inspector Pitkin immediately in the first of twenty two short tales.

“Through A Shattered Lens, I Saw” presents twenty two bit sized short stories of sleazy, I need a shower after I read them, noir.

My recommendation is these books should be read together. Sure they stand alone marvelously as well.

But consider this, why get the massage without that ending that will make you happy? I mean you’re relaxed already.

Yeah, these tales will scratch your itch.


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