Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review: “The Hard Cold Shoulder” by L. A. Sykes, Thunderune Publishing, 2012, Kindle Edition.

Nothing good ever happens in a detective novel. Nothing, that is the way it is supposed to be and the way it works when it works at all. And if that is the case then why do we bother to read them at all?

Well, we bother to read them because some have a feel to them. We bother to read them because the trope is such that if written properly we find ourselves itching from the sweat from dark, damp and murky streets; itching from the several day stubble that we never get time to shave; itching from the unkept and wrinkled clothing we wear because he haven’t slept and our only nourishment is nicotine and scotch.

That’s why we read them. We read them because they feel good; that is the itch.

“The Hard Cold Shoulder” feels good. Oh it does do a body good to scratch that itch.

A kidnapping and extortion plot goes awry and our anti-hero ex-Detective Inspector Pitkin willingly and curiously drags us through the claustrophobia that is reality; drenched in angst and frustration spinning from potential dead end to dead end.

He is just as loathsome as those who he comes into contact with and just as anonymous and forgotten as every man finds himself to be. While many facets are familiar to any detective story; it’s the pace and the feel, as well as the richness of character and twists in the plot, that has the reader not taking a breath. 

This is hardboiled noir. This updated noir. This is a book you have to read.


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Ya sold me! Thanks Joe.

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