Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review: “Open Lines” by Jeremy Maddux, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2013, 44 Pages, Kindle Edition.

Since childhood I have always thought there was nothing better than late night radio. As the world dreams and the dark is lit only in dim pinpoints; it seems the interesting, the strange and the odd are drawn out. And this is where we find ourselves, in a story in the middle of it all from behind the microphone and controls in a world that is both natural and supernatural.

Tune in to the last broadcast of the ‘Dreamtime’ with the ‘Witch Doctor’ and perhaps talk with the dead or the crazy or maybe someone wiser than us all. Tune in and watch the intersection of lives, wants and regrets as they spin into a cocktail of uncertainty that once swallowed, like life itself, has a most unexpected aftertaste.

This is the author’s first book, a caffeine fueled race to the end. Of what? Well it could be one more of several things; a life, a career, a relationship, or more. It is in the parallel undercurrents of the main tale of failure, angst, frustration, and a search for redemption that is so artfully woven; so deliciously developed that as a reader you find yourself on the edge even after the last word.

This is the author’s first book and this is a great way to start.

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mark slade said...

reading it now, it's very good so far. crisp writing

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