Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Review: “A Six Gun And The Queen Of Light” by Mark Slade, Horrified Press, 2013, 87 pages.

This is a novella contained in a volume of the same name that also includes a poem “The Wicked Widget” also by Mark Slade and a short story “Tribal Death” by Nathan J. D. L. Rowark. All things considered let us first examine the little prizes found in the back of our literary box of cracker jacks.

“The Wicked Widget” is a marvelous and amusing little ditty about some wee folks, no not those ‘wee folks’, living underground. The companion art by Ida Astero appears to be Tim Burton inspired as does Mr. Slade’s verse. This was an unexpected and pleasant gem that on its own I hope, will lead to its own headlining adventures someday.

In “Tribal Death” Mr. Rowark blends the old west and the supernatural in an action filled tale of lead, gold and greed. This too was a surprising little prize that stands alone as being worth the cost of admission by itself.

The hat trick or trifecta is certainly “A Six Gun And The Queen of Light”, a story you certainly will not expect. Welcome to the town of Bedlam and meet the residents and experience some of their ‘hobbies’: shape shifting, Chinese mysticism, were-boars, apparitions and magic all against the backdrop of the post-Civil War wild west.

The chapters are short just like a cracker jack, completely addictive and sweet with action in exhilarated jolts. I love the use of ‘the other white meat’ and believe me it is ‘other’ white meat. Like any western this is a battle for justice or good versus evil that will surprise, amaze and not disappoint.

This volume is scheduled for release this week and I am telling you, you really can’t wait.

Buy this book.

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mark slade said...

Wow. What a review! I never expected the nice things you said Joseph! Thank you.

JosephPatchen said...

Mark, Its well deserved. Excellent job.

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