Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review: “Son Of A Bitch” by Andre Duza and Wrath James White, Deadite Press, 2012 and 2013, Kindle Edition.

Hot off the press, “Son Of A Bitch” is a holy union of the unholy; that is, urban dog breeding and demonology. This is also the union of the literary schools of Splatterpunk and Bizarro. Together they all blend and play out brilliantly in this original and contemporary mean street story of blood and possession. Check your heart before you turn to the first page, as the imagery and plot are drawn in strong strokes; in a raw, vivid, fast paced story that will not only grab your gut, but will pull it right out through your genitals.

At approximately 80 pages, this novella, while short in words, is heavy with action, electric with power and has just enough gore. This is not a tale for the lighthearted or squeamish; this is not a tale someone looking for a light read. This tale is exhausting from the arduous trip from Hell to deeper in Hell.

Yet it has humor. It is downright damn funny and the humor propels the plot through each and every horror. This is a book of a brilliant collaboration of authors and styles that artfully and intelligently blend two separate and distinct schools of literature in a memorable, entertaining and meaningful tome.

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