Sunday, October 20, 2013

Short Story Book Review: “Monsters: A Halloween Story” by Stewart O’Nan, Cemetery Dance Publications, 2012, Kindle Edition.

Stewart O’Nan is back again for a special set of columns focusing on Halloween books. This stand-alone short story e-book is short; hence my review will be even shorter.

As Halloween approaches we find the local boys and their parish priest prepping for a Haunted House. But soon tragedy strikes as the boys, as boys do, roughhouse with a BB gun. As it turns out this tragedy is only the beginning.

Stewart O’Nan artfully juggles separate plot lines, seemingly parallel, seemingly disparate, intertwining them into a rich character study that leaves a lasting impact. This story, like a “Night In The Country” is born of tragedy; but this short tale, more than the novel, displays the true monsters of Halloween and everyday thus packing the harder punch.

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