Saturday, November 16, 2013

Book Review: “In Heaven Everything Is Fine” edited by Cameron Pierce, 2013, Eraserhead Press, Kindle Edition, 339 pages.

This is a David Lynch inspired collection. This is a collection of surreal works. If you are not a Lynch fan or if you are not inclined to explore experimental pieces then stop reading this review now and find an issue of ‘Archie Comics’, particularly with a multitude of panels involving Veronica, Betty ain’t half bad either, but I am partial to Veronica; pour yourself a tall glass of cold milk, grab a bag of soft chocolate chip cookies and I digress.

If you wish to channel Lynch, the contributors to this volume hit the mark in both original and reprinted works. Dedicated to Jack Nance, the title comes from his landmark “Eraserhead” whose Spectre is ever present.

Short stories, short plays and even poems propel the reader into a dream world of bizarre. As with any anthology and as with any anthology of experimental fiction some are better than others. Most notably are “Lake Street” by MP Johnson; “These Are The Fables” by Amelia Gray”; “Hadley” by Ben Loory; “Girl From Iowa” by Jack Wentz; and “The Garage Door” by Kris Scknussemm. That isn’t to say that the rest of this volume is filler --- it isn’t.

Experiments in content, style and even font will keep you guessing, interested and entertained. 

This is large volume and should be savored in the short bites that each separate tale presents. In short, the impact of parts is exceptional and the whole anthology is wonderful.

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JosephPatchen said...

My apologies for attributing this book originally to Deadite Press. This volume was sent to me by Deadite Press along with a half a dozen other books. My apologies; the correction has been made.

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