Saturday, November 30, 2013

Book Review: “Very Mercenary” by Rayo Casablanca, 2009, Kensington Publishing Corp., 264 pages.

This novel has been out for a while and I am sorry I did not get to it earlier but such is the nature life and books. And yet that is the beautiful thing about life and books; you can always go back and rediscover something that is a gem or kick your litter over something that in the past was and in the present still is a turd.

This novel is a gem and coincidentally it runs with of our favorite tropes: a babe with a gun.

Take a hot heiress who is also a famous model; have her kidnapped and when her father is hit with an enormous ransom demand he dispatches not a briefcase of cash but his own hitman not only to get the kidnappers but to kill his own daughter.

My God this is the kind of pandemonium we can get certainly get behind.

Twists and turns and a body count are the common thread for dialog and action that is fast paced and engrossing. Once you start reading about Leigh Tiller and invest in her plight you will find you are deep into the story.

This is the stereotypical page turner that will cause you to want more each page by page; but not a stereotypical story that has an overused plot. The story is smart, spiked with clever turns and characters that are as robust as they are flamboyant.

This is a fun romp; a hip romp and something akin to a Robert Rodriguez film. Think Rose McGowan with a gun . . . Yeah, grind away.  

Buythis book, don’t forget to duck and enjoy the ride.

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