Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review: “The Devil Next Door” by Tim Curran, 2009, Severed Press, 333 pages.

Once again the apocalypse is here. The world has gone mad and man is reduced to his animalistic nature going ‘wild’ on many levels. This read is quite similar to J. F. Gonzales’ “Primitive” and that is where the problem starts.

Human beings hunt other human in packs; raping, torturing and eating their prey; raping, torturing and eating their prey; raping, torturing and eating their prey; ----- okay, my editing   didn’t make a mistake here. First, I emphasize the rape, torture and cannibalism because this is exactly what this book is about: non-stop rape, continuous torture and full stomach belching cannibalism; it is incessant; it is on and on and on, and because of this the story gets boring and predictable.

For all I know it just may be the way of the world will end because as a species, man simply isn’t heroic; man is far from noble; and if you have been watching the news just look at the behavior of Black Friday shoppers.

But in a novel ---- we get it; but can we please cover, in addition to the wanton violence, other aspects of the apocalypse such as attempts at survival amidst the splatter and degradation.

Second, my repetition is yet another problem. Not only is the violence repetitive and almost mechanical in presentation; the language describing this story is also repetitive and frankly annoying. Better editing to the manuscript should have been taken.

If you enjoy the wanton spillage of blood and other bodily fluids in an unoriginal and non-artistic fashion this is your read. Really, take it.

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