Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review: “The Dunwich Romance” by Edward Lee, 2011/2013, Deadite and Eraserhead Press, 184 pages.

And I thought my personality had splits. Well, you should meet Wilbur Whately, half-man and half-monster God and when you do you’re off to the sequel of H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror”.

If you haven’t read the original, you may need Cliff Notes as a scorecard, although the glut of violence and gore as well the superfluous loads of sex spewing from the pages might just keep you occupied enough and stuck to the plot enough to ignore the parallels.

But above all the horror trope and creep, this is a love story after all; a story involving the redemption of a hooker: horror’s answer to Mary Magdalene. And it is the relationship between Wilbur and his Sary that provides the backbone to this novel and the disgusting humanity to Wilbur, himself.

The dark secrets of Dunwich seem less atmospheric in round two and even more depraved. The pacing is certainly better than Lovecraft’s; but then again so is Sominex.

In many ways I felt more like a voyeur than a reader; in a way that is good since the writing is alive. And I also felt more like pining for the original even know I wasn’t a fan; also in a way that was good because I wanted more.

The book is solid and a great companion to Lovecraft’s vision. Fans of H. P., not the printer, but the writer; as well as Cthulhu and boiled calamari rejoice --- this Dun’s for you! 

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