Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Review: “Little Boy Blue” by James A. Moore, 2008, Bloodletting Press, 37 pages.

Yes you read that correctly – 37 pages. This slim volume has been around for a while and under my radar it seems until I was made a gift of it by a bookseller. All in all it turns out to be one of the best gifts I have ever received.

I love chapbooks. I love their novelty and I have found that in those little packages come some wonderful reads for as special as a chapbook is; what is inside is extra special. That is, unless you are a member of the Bloome family. And if you are a member of the Bloome family there is a probably a good chance right now that you’re already dead.

Seems members of the Bloome family, various ages, are dropping like leotards at a Brittany Spears concert. The deaths are mysterious and the authorities are baffled. The family, in their mourning and fear, is referred to the equally mysterious Jonathan Crowley to uncover the source of this mayhem.

Surely this is a familiar beginning but Moore takes this tale off road from the tried and tired twists and turns. Of course with a name like ‘Crowley’ demons would play a part and ‘Little Boy Blue’ is not your average spirit with a vendetta.

The story harkens old time parlor horror: those Victorian ghost stories that are the very foundation upon which modern horror is anchored. This is a solid tale and a refreshing story of creepily paced, no stupid violence, but pure psychological horror.

The print run for this volume was only four hundred and meant to be only to be a convention give-away. While not signed and numbered plenty are about. 

Find it and buy it.

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