Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review: “Santa Claus Saves The World” by Robert Devereaux, 2013, Deadite and Eraserhead Press, 168 pages.

This is the third installment of the author’s tale of the jolly one and his issues revolving around sexuality. Many a yule has passed in between these installments and while I admit I have only read this, the third, it may be better this present was left unwrapped and under the tree.

Of course Santa is a horny bastard; I think I saw a ‘bad’ movie with that premise…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not offended with Santa’s sexual appetite or the straying of the tooth fairy; parody involving all manner of childhood legend and gods alike could read like a well packed snowball: it can hit one hard and then again, it can be all wet.

But this morality play, this politically pointed, non-politically correct story suffers from its own cleverness. At times it reads like a children’s story, for adults; at times it reads like a broad and sweeping and teaching fable; and at times it reads like a grocery list.

The imagery is vibrant, and at times the scenes and dialogue are humorous, but on the whole it seems overplayed on one recurring theme particularly after the idiotic rancor involving the peccadillos of some guy on television. Moral superiority is a dangerous thing in the hands of mortals and to elevate importance to some guy just because he is on television shows just how shallow, just how linear our own thought process has become.

While this tale is rich in many ways and the plot somewhat inventive, in theory at least; the delivery delivers something that resembles reality television; staged and predictable.

If you enjoyed the first two titles in this trilogy; then by all means purchase and enjoy as some loose ends may be tied here in the third. If you are picking this up for the first read, then maybe a primer might be in order before you give it a crack.

I would never dissuade anyone from purchasing a book, any book. If you enjoy making your childhood legends adult and you revel in taking a jab at religious icons, then this novel should hold your interest. My only problem is, this sordid tale just didn’t jingle my ho-ho-ho’s.   

Butgo ahead and buy it.


Anonymous-9 said...

Joe, you're still the best reviewer on the web for my money. This review made me decide to purchase at least one in this trilogy. Santa as a sex maniac is too edgy to be ignored. Thanks for everything you do for books and writers, Joe.

JosephPatchen said...

Why thank you so very much.

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