Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Review: “Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich” by David Agranoff, 2014, Deadite Press/Eraserhead Press, Kindle Edition, 206 pages.

A magnificently ominous cover by Matthew Revert ushers us into a tale about skinheads, ‘SHARPS’, Nazi’s and werewolves. While it is nice to see an old, tried and true heavy like the werewolf making a comeback after vampires and zombies have been rendered impotent by recent literary attempts; another old and tried and true axiom has reared its head --- ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’.

The novel starts off well enough, with a prologue introducing us to our main werewolf with his origin and early chapters introducing and fleshing out the remaining main characters. But then the story drags, bogging slowly and slowly and slowly through a series of confrontations that made me feel I was reading a ‘co-exist’ bumper sticker rather than something hinted to be more action oriented and deeper in characterization.

The story reads well enough and I think I understand the author’s aim of inclusion in a global sense, but this reader could never get engaged with these characters beyond the beginning because as the plot slowly unfolds the characters seem to lose their depth. There were times I thought I was in ‘West Side Story’ because no one other than Klaus appeared to be adult enough and tough enough to be authentic.

This is a marvelous idea for a plot, I was just disappointed in its execution.

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