Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review: “Just So You Know I’m Not Dead: Three Short Stories” by Anonymous-9, 2014, Kindle Edition.

The title to this collection of three previously published stories serves as a reminder to all that Anonymous-9 is still out there alive and kicking. After reading this slim volume I can attest under oath that not only does she still have a pulse; Anonymous-9 still packs the best punch in the business.

‘Triangulation’, ‘2,984,000 Pounds of Pressure’ and ‘Dreaming Deep’ are three distinct and twisted tales woven around the theme of love. Just in time for February, love gets the treatment it truly deserves; translation, this isn’t Hallmark.

Romantic love, love for money and parental love find their way into tales of intrigue, deceit and outright horror. Clever, crisp and tight; this is A-9 at her plot bending and twisting best. As always she puts the rest of us writers to shame by upping the bar with each tale to what fiction should be.

‘Triangulation’ provides a couple of precise formulas; a couple perfectly precise formulas to measure and draw a perfect relationship. Raymond Chandler would sure be proud.

While ‘2,984,000 Pounds of Pressure’ is in itself a perfectly formulated plan to relieve pressure from a love gone wrong to save an even more important love.

And in “Dreaming Deep”, a love letter to H. P. Lovecraft; well, let’s just say the heartless Cthulhu never knew what hit him.

Yeah I love this book and so will you.

Buy it now.


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Anonymous-9 said...

Joe, thank you so much for the kind of review that makes all the work worthwhile. That fact that I'm right on top of Tim Bryant's DUTCH CURRIDGE makes it even better. Cheers, Anonymous-9

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