Sunday, March 2, 2014

Book Review: “The Last Mailman: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Zombies” by Kevin J. Burke, 2011, Permuted Press at Smashwords, Kindle Edition, 212 pages.

I may be in the minority concerning this book. After reading it I took a look at the Amazon reviews just to asses where my feelings were and found that a majority of people thought it to be ‘a funny and wild ride’; that somehow the protagonist DJ Haddox is ‘a great hero’.

Maybe it’s because I am not wedded to Zombie literature. Maybe I have fatigue for those things that are dead and shamble around. Zombie fans seem to be more protective of the brain and flesh eaters than Trekkies are of oddly shaped ears. And I think that may very well be the key.

I enjoy all tropes and have, myself, published several humorous zombie stories. I also worked for a couple years as a struggling stand-up comic. I did a well-received humorous presentation on Dennis Miller’s radio show; so I think I know whence I speak and the secret word Groucho is ‘disappointment’.

I was disappointed in the plot because there is nothing new here. I was disappointed with the hero because he is far from heroic. I was disappointed in the dialogue because it is linear, flat, obvious and uninspired. I was disappointed with the humor because it just wasn’t humorous.

I am not going any further.

If you are a zombie aficionado please, by all means add this to your library. You will probably find more positive aspects to this novel than I could. But if you like horror with a comedic edge, please look elsewhere.

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