Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book Review: “Veins and Skulls” by Daniele Serra, Short, Scary Tales Publications, 64 Pages, 2013.

‘And now for something completely different’; immortal words that ever since were first uttered by John Cleese piques one’s ears and mind for immediate attention.

Today we review something ‘completely different’; something that should draw your attention and collect your interest; something that should spark your intellect and tittle your imagination, completely.

Daniele Serra is an award winning and internationally renowned artist and illustrator. His work has transformed modern comic art bridging into the world of serious art and this book stands as a serious masterpiece.

This erotic dance with death is stunning in its execution; stunning in its illustration; and stunning in its linear complexity. These are not simply random plates; but an eerily erotic tale brimming with emotion on each page.

The artwork itself tells a rich story; a powerful orchestration of what is and could be; of the lines between dimensions blurred jumbling the unreal and real. Mr. Serra skillfully sculpts a vision that is both hypnotic and viscerally draining.

You will be exhausted after this navigating Serra’s journey; but it is a marvelous exhaustion; an exhaustion of being completely spent with a spike of elation.

I cannot recommend this book more highly and cannot thank Sydney Leigh more for this tip.

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