Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Review: “Wicked Candy” by Alex S. Johnson, 2014, MorbidbookS, Paperback, 126 pages.

This book takes Bizarro to further far out bizarre reaches yet presents a cohesive, consistent story telling as a well as a sexual romp of raunchy and raunchier. Lurid in every way imaginable Alex Johnson weaves comedy, horror, science and satire into creative ménages of complex creativity that should captivate anyone with a pulse.

Keep in mind this is not a book for the kiddies or those of the stuffed short persuasion. The language and imagery are quite strong and that alone is enough to carry it above much of its genre. But when you add in the outright belly laughs you get on each page; you find a read easy on the eyes and a read that should be part of your library.

This is a slim volume and for me to get into specifics might spoil much of the action but when find things such as stop action serial killers and the retro fitting of female genital organs you are quite a distance away from “How Green Was My Valley”.

And what can I say great minds to think alike. I was taken aback when I read where a bird was wearing a Mariachi hat. I have a novel, three quarters finished, where my bird plays in Mariachi band.

Great minds; great stories; great book:

Buy it.


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