Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: “Hellspeak” by Mark Slade, 2014, Death Throes Publishing, Kindle Edition, 94 pages.

This is a slim volume hence a slimmer review but as the wise Mr. Cliché from whom I will now quote was correct in saying, “Good things do come in small packages”.

Noir and horror come together in a collection of six Faustian short tales spanning the rather extraordinary and supernatural life of one Pete Chambers. Yes, in these six stories from the naked city the supernatural becomes natural; mysticism, magic, and the representatives of Hell freely interact with earthlings in the mundane doings of their day to day urban toils to fuel these unrelated yet connected and fast paced vignettes.

Chambers is your typical dick with an altogether untypical partner, the demon G’nal, who protects Pete’s macho recklessness for the price of a soul. Chambers also keeps his nights interesting by hoeing his own patch uncovering a tomato known for her great pins and her even greater powerful paranormal toys.

This is fast read full of punch and the cadence perfect for that warmer weather read just ahead.
You don’t have to be a noir junkie or horror hedonist to enjoy this volume as its aim and appeal is much broader.

So buy this book and you G’nal come back now, you hear.

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