Friday, May 9, 2014

Book Review: HOWARD LOVECRAFT SERIES by Bruce Brown, 2009/2011/2013, Arcana Studio Inc., Arcana Comics, Graphic Novels.

I am an old comic guy. I have always loved comics and have found over the years many series and arcs of series to be far superior in literary quality and worth to many of the novels and anthologies of our age. Comics, once the diversion of adolescents, have fully evolved into an important entertainment platform for adults, opening story-telling into areas traditional publishing has either shunned, been too clumsy to execute or too cowardly to advance.

This is one reason I was eager to delve into these three graphic novels.

But eagerness aside, I was also intrigued as to the series focus. When author Bruce Brown contacted me about the possibility of Lurid-lit reviewing his work he explained that the aim of this series is to introduce H. P. Lovecraft and his mythos to children.

H. P. Lovecraft for children; think about it - wow, now this is a groundbreaking, interesting and exceedingly complex idea.

“Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom”, “Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom”, “Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness” individually and together present an exquisite and intelligent balance of intricate plot, rich character development, humor, action and horror.

Mr. Brown’s aim is beyond being on the mark as these graphic novels are not only age appropriate they are age transcendent and a gem for all audiences.

Whether you are a Lovecraft scholar, a fan or neophyte these novels are a marvelous twist of an introduction to H. P. and his universe. Granted, our hero may be a little boy, Howard Lovecraft, and granted his faithful companion is a major god, oh you will see who, and granted their adventures may have a spring or two in their step, the essence of the Lovecraftian world is intact and presented with expertise and ease.

The artwork is awash with a dreamy and awe inspiring multi-dimensional complexity yet at the same time presents a vividly real world. And in a real sense, the marriage of art, plot and words in in these pulp tales is nothing less than perfect.

Whether you have children or not, if you haven’t been a part of this series, you are three books down; so get caught up and buy these books without any further delay.
You can contact Bruce Brown through his twitter account @BruceBrown33.

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