Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: “Suffer The Flesh” by Monica J. O’Rourke, Deadite Press, an Eraserhead Company, 2002, 2014, Kindle Edition.

‘Suffer the flesh is to cease from sin’ as the Bible extols. But this statement, this part of a proverb, this biblical language is found twisting in this brutal and over the top tale of rape, torture and weight loss.

The plot is familiar and very close to what happened in Cleveland, Ohio yet taken to uncreative preposterous heights. The fact is teenage girls being held in captivity for the most demeaning and depraved acts possible are worn plots and this novel adds nothing to any possible genre except digging deeper in depravity.

While what is depicted is horrific it is not horror in the classic sense. Everyone knows I have had published many a splatterpunk tale. So while I am not adverse to the genre I do recognize there is an approach to these tales that separates mere lists of gore from the elevation of the horror and the character the study of perpetrator.

But unfortunately far too many of these tales strip the humanity from the victims treating these fictional characters as mere objects the same way their fictional abuser does. This book is merely a laundry list of vivid descriptions of man’s inhumanity against man in every possible, layer upon layer, vivid, graphic and numbing sense.

I cannot recommend this book.

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