Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Review: “Fireside Popsicles: Twisted Tales Told By The Fire” (Anthology) edited by Sheila Hall and M. C. O’Neill, Fireside Press, Kindle Edition, 2014.

There’s a little lick for everyone in the twenty six offerings that make up this anthology. The genres and sub-genres covered would out cluster a strawberry and peanut coconut crunch. Right from the introduction the tongue and cheek styling commences almost parodying these fireside tales into something akin to theater.

But not all the offerings offer humor. There’s a fair coating of blood and shock; mild splatter and a few hints of horror to go along with the bizarre. To say some of the tales are experimental in presentation would be to say that pineapple flavored popsicles are disgusting.

And they are. But experimental writing should never deter a reader, let alone a writer.

While the unifying theme is loose you can see a common thread amongst these stories if not the writers; some seem specifically crafted for this volume while others are snuggly tucked in on their own as they don’t seem to fit into any of the safe harbored categories offered by contemporary e-zines. And like any and every anthology there are the bitter and there are the sweet. But it is always the variety that gives the palate the greatest joy.

Most of the stories are fast paced and the one hundred and fifty pages will pour off your screen like drops of watered sugar coalesced on a flat stick on a hot day.  

In short this is a good read.

Buy it.

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