Saturday, August 9, 2014

Book Review: “Darkness Ad Infinitum” edited by Shawna L. Bernard, Matt Edginton, Alandice A. Anderson, Michael Parker, 2014, Villipede Publications, 313 pages.

The young publishing house’s first foray into a horror/dark speculative fiction anthology is a hefty one. But this three hundred and thirteen page read is a smooth one. A masterful mix of prose, poetry and artwork your eye palate is constantly cleansed as it travels from horror to horror.

The tales are long but well-crafted and certainly, and most thankfully, quite creative. This anthology more than most does not suffer from the robotic fare we’ve encountered in the past.

Credit the editors for choosing unique stories that mesh in a superior way complementing the theme rather than succumbing to it. You should find space on your shelf or in your kindle for this tome and throw out some of the more run of the mill bland packages responsible for the murder of trees and internet space.

The title is apt and the thrills plural.

This book should give you delight on the beach and in the brightest sun. This book should also give the shivers late at night when the moon is hidden the creaks in your floor are screaming evermore.

313 pages. This is a hunk of book, but certainly a hunka hunka book you'll love. 

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